Leatherhead Weather
Leatherhead Weather Frequently Asked Questions

Why LavenderCAM?

The site was named after its original location in Leatherhead. It has since moved.

Why does the site have advertising?

The site and the required hardware are privately funded. Advertising helps pay towards the upkeep.

Why are the web pages / formatting out of alignment? has been optimized for Firefox, IE and iOS. I am unable to test any other web browsers. Although image streaming uses Java script, there are parts of the site that use Adobe Flash - some browsers may not support this.

Why is the refresh rate really slow?

In order to protect bandwidth and the viewing experience of other users (especially during busy periods) employs dynamic bandwidth throttling to ensure most viewers get an acceptable image update rate.

Why can't I see a picture?

There may be many reasons for this. If you feel none of the following apply, please send us an email. (1) The image is updated using Java script. Please ensure your browser supports this. (2) There may be too many viewers - try again a little later. (3) The camera / server may be experiencing technical difficulties - do let me know so that I can attempt a reset. (4) You are trying to access the camera directly without going via the home page - this is not allowed. (5) Your IP address has been banned due to possible abuse.

How does work? runs on an Axis P1428E IP network camera uploading an H264 compressed video stream to an external video server. Your web browser connects to this server to retrieve the image.

What hardware does your weather station use?

The weather station runs on a Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus with a day time fan aspirated radiation shield. This sends data to a server running "Weather Display" software which graphs and publishes the data to the web.

It is raining, why doesn't the weather station show rain?

The weather station's rain gauge works on a "tipping bucket" principle. The minimum amount of rain to cause the bucket to tip is 0.2 mm.

How is cloud base calculated?

Cloud base is calculated on the principle that air cools at approximately 2°C per 1000ft (the standard environmental lapse rate). Taking into account this cooling per 1000ft, cloud base is approximately the height that the temperature reaches the dew point.

How does the lightning detector work

The lightning detector is a Boltek LD-350. This device is a sensitive radio receiver that listens to the static caused by a lightning strike. Using clever processing, the direction and distance of a strike can be determined. The accuracy of this direction and distance reduces with range (especially above 300 miles).